• Players form two teams with an equal numbers of players
  • One player is chosen to be the caller...or it could be a teacher.
  • Each team numbers their players, not letting the other team know their order.
  • The "flag" is placed on the middle line between the two teams
  • Players scatter about their play area
  • The caller yells out a number and a player from each team with that number races to "Steal the Flag!" The player first to the flag picks it up and tries to get it to their "end zone" before being tagged by the other player with the same number.
  • If the player with the "flag" is successful in reaching their "end zone" without getting tagged they get a point for their team
  • The flag is returned to the middle line and the game continues
  • The game is played up to a designated number of points OR a designated time

steal the flag