• One player is chosen to be the "Captain", the rest of the players are the "Crew"
  • The "Captain" calls out orders for the "Crew" to follow
  • If a player doesn't follow an order correctly, or in some cases they are the last to follow an order, they are out of the game
  • Last person in the game is the next "Ship Captain"


  • To the ship — run to the "Captain's" right...last one is out
  • To the island — run to the "Captain's" left...last one is out
  • Hit the deck — lay on their stomach (or crouch to the ground)
  • Three men in a boat — the "Crew" must form groups of three people and sing "Row! Row! Row your boat!"(players without a partner are out)
  • Attention on the deck — salute and yell "Aye! Aye! Captain" — players can't move until the "Captain" says "At ease!" (Even if the "Captain" gives another order after this players can't move until they say "At ease!")
  • Scrub the deck — on their knees pretending to scrub the floor
  • Captain's quarters — run towards the "Captain"...last one is out
  • Man-over-board — Players must find a partner as quickly as possible. The person with no partner is out!
  • Periscope — Fall on their back and stick their leg in the air
  • SHARK!!!! — run to a designated base (can be more than one)...last one is out
  • Sick turtle — fall on their backs and wave hands and feet in the air
  • Row the Boat — Find a partner, sit face to face holding hands, and pretend to row a boat... players without a partner are out.

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